Portishead Christmas Lights receives donations and sponsorship in many shapes and sizes, from the £25 donations from High Street traders to four-figure sums. There isn’t the space on this page to mention and thank all concerned by name. However, we’re taking the opportunity to mention the following range of sponsorship:

In past years, we have received generous donations from Specsavers, the Portishead Carnival and from Crest Nicholson, not to mention the ongoing wonderful support of Portishead Town Council. The sponsorship from Specsavers and Crest Nicholson made a big difference to our being able to afford the extension of the lights at the Clevedon end of the High Street and to feature a display of lights on top of St Peter’s Church.

This year, our sponsors include a significant donation from Waitrose in addition to the proceeds of their green token collection. We also received a generous, vital donation from Portishead Raft Race. Most recently, The Clarence House six-a-side skittlers donated a very welcome sum too (fantastic effort, guys!).

We also want to make a special mention of Peggy and John Rixton of Glebe Road. A good few years ago, they planted a conifer tree in their garden to mark their 25th anniversary. As of now, the tree has grown into a magnificent specimen. Peggy and John have kindly donated this tree to the ‘Lights’ which will be our tree of light this year, mounted at Somerset Hall.

We would also like to thank all those who made donations to Portishead Christmas Lights in lieu of flowers at the funerals of Pete Chapman and Jim O’Hare. Also special mentions to Hinton Dance, Abbotonians Ladies Skittles Team, Goodman & Lilley, Portishead Methodist Church, Portishead National Women’s Register, Portishead Players, West Hill Senior Citizens’ Club, the Gordano Society, and the High Street Traders, too numerous to mention individually.

A final mention must go to all those Portishead folk who helped by donating to the clothing collections, particularly Portishead Youth Centre. Special thanks must go to Dennis O’Neill, Dave Hotchkiss and Stuart Hamer for their sterling efforts in organising the clothing collection and ‘making it all happen’.  

Should you be interested in becoming a sponsor then please contact us via our contact form or email our Secretary directly