Portishead Christmas Lights Videos


Experience Portishead Christmas Lights, riding a Harley-Davidson, a Skoda, and a child’s mini-scooter in this excellent short video made by Christopher Fielden. Christopher is a well-known Portishead musician who is part of the band Airbus who provided the soundtrack.

This video, made by George Hancorn, was broadcast on “made in Bristol”. It covers our switch-on in November 2015


This clip was broadcast on the national BBC1 6 o’clock news back in 2009 – it’s the heart-warming story of Nigel Parker, a D-I-Y shop worker, switching on the Portishead Christmas Lights


This video was made by “Practically Perfect Mums” and features our now-traditional firework display at the 2015 switch-on ceremony. The firework display is put on by the Langford-based local small company, Skyburst. It represents about 3% of our annual running costs and we reckon it adds something special to the sense of occasion for our switch-on ceremony. Please support local businesses and think about hiring Skyburst for your wedding or other private party!


Putting up Christmas trees in 2010:


The Victorian Fayre in 2015 is captured in this really good video posted by Joe Landers